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Trisports UX Design Flow And Content 01
Trisports UX Design Flow And Content 01
Trisports UX Design Flow And Content 02
Trisports Sitemap / Mindmap Plan

Design Rationale:

  • To help the Trisports management team understand the complexities and demand required from them in order to create a full and meaningful website indexed by Google
  • Showing the most likely areas of interest and categories to engage the public. This was an initial but comprehensive thought process to start with there for the team to add to remove items and discuss
TriSports Letchworth - website first design rendering
Trisports user experience process using wireframing


To plan for the scoping, re-design and re-build of the Trisports shop website. To help the shop owner prepare for the structure and content needed for his website when he takes it to a local web company.


  • Designing and presenting a set of wireframes and sitemap in pdf format to give an idea of what images, text, icons, and social media reference and amounts might be needed.
These wireframes helped in providing a part of the brief outline to a local web company making it easier for them to follow the requirements, process and give a more accurate phased costing and timescale.
The website has developed somewhat since:
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