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TECSUK Website Homepage Design
TECSUK Website Homepage Design
TECSUK Website Homepage Design Option
TECSUK Website Design Plan
Factory With Liquids

Design Rationale:

  • Projecting the main hero banner to show the types of products and services they provide with simple yet impressive and simple imagery from their libraries. The image library for the banner would show completed projects, projects in progress and detailed aspects of the projects in progress once photography was generated and approved for use.
  • Showing who they are and what they do in a nutshell and then guide the viewer on to more information as and if required. Also showing their core skills.
  • Providing more viewer trust with compliance with their UK accreditations in the fields of expertise and show the high profile larger and smaller businesses they do work with.
  • Ultimate goal to raise the company profile, create different options for contact that each customer felt most comfortable with, telephone, email, form, links to social media areas
TECSUK home page
TECS UK Website design


To re-design the focus of the Tecs UK homepage with clear easy to understand focal areas and messaging. To produce a number of text and image focussed variations ready customer approval and for generating in the total theme on WordPress.


  • Multiple homepage design options based on brand, format, design and colour palette.
  • Sourcing images from photo libraries and company internal library including a number of photos I took myself. Preparing the imagery for screen load speed and optimisation in WordPress.
  • Designing a number of icon sets for the product and service sections and then preparing them for low memory vector SVG use in WordPress
  • Generating differing copy, titles and straplines to get to the point about the company products and services and to guide and affirm to customers that they had the right company and were in the right place for the right products and services.
Still in progress with customer to check
Current website at:
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