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Polar Plus User UI App Designs
Polar Plus User UI App Designs
Polar Plus User UI App Designs
Polar Plus User Flow UX And UI
Polar Plus App UI UX Designs

Design Rationale:

  • To re-design simplify and modernise the Polar Plus app interface to aid the use and at the same time modernise the development platform behind it.
  • To produce design templates for the marketing department to easily add pages and all content social media areas
Chargemaster Polar Plus App Design


To re-design the screens of the Polar Plus electric vehicle charging network from Chargemaster. This was a pure design project for an extensive set of mobile screens for developers and required full length page and information designs. This also required much text writing and editing for the app. I was working in tandem with an Adobe JavaScript developer using Phonegap.


  • Redesigning multiple screen sets in mobile, tablet and considering desktop format adaptation for the app
  • Working with style and colour palettes closely following the brand guidelines
  • Creating multiple icon sets adhering closely to the brand guidelines
  • Creating instruction steps showing how to use various areas of the app services
A fully working, structured and flexible application for iOS and android. Other platforms like Amazon and Microsoft were planned in line later.
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